Beginning 1 DSLR Photography Session


√  PDF Session notes

√  Beginning 1 DSLR - Two hour session

√  Small class size (5-10)

√  Hands-on shooting and great image examples

√  Experienced, internationally published photographer and instructor

√  Unbeatable value! Now $29 (Reg. $65) if registered before October 20!

√  Sessions available throughout 2015.


√  OR get Beginning DSLR 1, 2, and 3 for only $149 (Reg. $195)!

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Sessions purchased are good for all scheduled dates as they become available throughout  2014.


* We're committed to offering you a great learning experience and want to give you a no-risk way to find out about us in person.  If you register for Beginning 1 DSLR, a $29 fee is required to secure your reservation.  If you decide at the end of your session that you weren't satisfied for any reason, we refund your deposit no questions asked as a thank you for trying us out! 


If you do like what you find and choose to continue with Beginning 2 and Beginning 3, you may apply your original fee toward the tuition for those sessions.


You MUST attend your reserved session in order to be eligible for a refund.  We have to prepare for each scheduled session, and if you do not come, we still incur the cost of your seat in the session.  Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you very soon!

WHAT:  Beginning 1 - This two hour session focuses on the all-important anatomy of lenses, difference between types and categories of lenses, focal lengths and when to use them, creative effects of different lens types; compositional techniques and framing that will immediately improve your shooting, as well as overview of the camera parts and different systems it has, and  understanding JPG and RAW and when to use them.


Beginning 2-3: The latter two sessions cover the Shooting Mode dial in more detail, including Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, and Program mode and what it does, exposure compensation, ISO technical aspects, Focusing and Drive modes, as well as understanding additional foundational compositional techniques utilizing the elements of art and principles of design.


Hands-on shooting is integrated into the sessions. May also be taken on a Saturday back to back as a seminar when available.


WHEN:  Select the REGISTER NOW! button above to view the calendar and register


WHERE:  Silver Hill Images Studio, Franklin, TN (details and class notes will be sent after your registration)

Hi, I'm Vince Wallace.  I've traveled and lived across the globe, and have taught seminars, classes, and private sessions internationally. I have taught every age group from elementary to adult, from universities to inner city urban settings. I love exploring, learning new things, and passing my knowledge on to others!


My philosophy of instruction is simple.  Learning takes place best in an environment where you are able to get both theory and practice at the same time, taken in small, incremental steps with lots of patience and encouragement along the way.  This makes grasping concepts attainable and, dare we say, fun!  Every session comes with notes and images so as to keep what you've learned fresh in your mind even after you leave.


Part of internalizing something is practicing on a regular basis what you've learned so it doesn't slip away from you. But if it does, we also allow you to come back to the same session again at no cost to refresh your memory!  We call this BRUSH UPs.  As long as there is room in a session you're welcome back for FREE!  Retention is that important to us!


Check out Our Story and Course Offerings to find out more about what's going on!


I'm excited to be a part of your continuing photographic story and thank you for the privilege!  I hope to see you very soon!