Here are the answers to most frequently asked questions.  They are divided into general and course type.  If you have a question that isn't answered here, please feel free to contact us here!

I don't see the course I want on the calendar.

All session types except Workshops are scheduled by students during open hours.  If you have purchased a group session you  can either join a session already scheduled or start a new session during an open appointment time which others can then join.  During the summer and winter quarters, there are typically very few offerings as these are times we are on the road, shooting or conducting special events or tours.  Check our events page to see what's up!

When is the registration cut off for courses?

You can register online for a course up to 7 days prior to the course.  After that, please call to see if the course is still being offered, or if it is full.  If it is full we can put you on a wait list or you can register for the next available session.

Do I need to have a camera for the courses?

Yes, you need to have a camera for any DSLR course. 




Do I need to have editing software for the course?

Yes.  We work with the latest version of Lightroom or Elements in our group sessions.  If you don't have the software, you can always download a free 30 day trial version at  Please upgrade to the latest version before you come to the class if you already have the software.  If you have a different type of software, you may sign up for a Private Pro session to address your needs individually!


What is a DSLR camera?

A DSLR is a Digital Single Lens Reflex camera.  If it has a detachable lens, it is either a DSLR or a hybrid such as a mirrorless camera. Both types are acceptable for these courses.  If you have a point and shoot with a lens that doesn't come off, you may still enroll as long as the camera has full MANUAL controls.  Check your camera manual to see if that is the case.  At this time we don't offer courses specifically for point and shoot cameras.


Instruction QA:


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What is the refund/re-schedule policy?

Once you purchase a course, you can receive a refund up to 7 days prior to the course. After that there are no refunds.  You may re-schedule the course with no penalty up to a week prior to the course.  After that, you will forfeit your seat in the course.  The reason for this is that we green light courses based on attendance, and that time and space cannot be recouped by us if there are no shows.  If you have extenuating circumstances, please let us know and we will work with you.


nashville photography classes, franklin photo instruction, brentwood photography classes, private photography instruction


Private Pro

Can I register for sessions on different days?

Yes.  For instance, you might take a Beginning 1 on a Monday, and then take Beginning 2 and 3 on Saturday.  Or maybe take Beginning 1 Saturday morning, Beginning 2 the following Tuesday, and Beginning 3 on Wednesday.  In other words you can mix and match your session dates and times.


Where and When Can We Meet?

We can meet anywhere you choose. Common options are a local park, your work or residence, or another venue that might be pertinent to what you'd like to learn such as an athletic event, nature trail, rodeo, lake or other venue.  Online sesssions are conducted from wherever you are via the internet and a smart phone, tablet, or computer.


We can meet any time you choose if there is availabilty in the schedule between the hours of 9am-7pm.  If you'd like to schedule a session outside these hours, please put that in the comments box or call and we will discuss the options.


Whatever your needs or desires, we will do our best to make it happen!




What Topics Can We Cover?

Private and semi-private sessions can cover any topic based on the number of hours you have chosen.  It is usually best to focus on one or two topics to allow time to really invest in understanding and practicing with new knowledge and techniques.


We go at your pace and will let you know honestly how much can realistically be covered given the length of your session.


Some topic examples would be learning the buttons on your camera, sports photography, portrait photography, studio lighting, editing software, file organization and management, landscape and nature photography, real estate photography, and others.


We also provide consultation and training for you or your employees if you utilize photography as an aspect of your business in any field.




Can I get a partial refund for sessions not taken yet?

No, since there are built in tuition breaks applied to a complete level registration.  Please see the refund policy above for more info. on individual sessions.


Can I register for only one session in a level?

Yes.  For instance, you might take a Beginning 1 only, but not register for Beginning 2 or 3.  That is fine.  However, the individual session tuition will apply.  If you then decide to register for Beginning 2 and 3, you will pay the individual session tuition for each of those as well.  The built in tuition break only applies when you register and pay for an entire level at once.


However, since classes are designed as an integrated whole, we highly recommend taking the entire level as this will ensure you have a solid foundation to continue moving forward in your learning.

How is a workshop different from a class?

A workshop meets for only one session and lasts from 3 - 8 hours.  It covers a specific topic in photography.  A class is more than one session and each session in the series is no more than two hours.  Classes cover more foundational and broad knowledge in shooting and editing and are generally prerequisite to workshops.

Am I ready for a workshop?

It depends on the workshop.  Most workshops require an understanding of how to shoot in Manual mode and TTL metering in order to participate.  From time to time there may be workshops that are more basic and will allow the "technically challenged" photographer to participate.  Check the course description for level requirements.

What should I bring to a workshop?

It depends on the workshop.  Check the individual sessions for a list of things to bring. Typically, you should bring something to snack on, water, comfortable work clothes with good walking shoes, bug spray, pen/pad, and of course your camera gear!


nashville photography classes, franklin photo instruction, brentwood photography classes, private photography instruction