How Do I Schedule A Class?

Workshops are scheduled at set times throughout the year.  To register for a workshop, simply check the calendar or workshop registration page to see if it's available and fill out the appropriate forms.


All other types of group or individual sessions are Student scheduled.  This simply means that you can either join a session that is already posted on the calendar OR You can create your own session.


Scheduling a session is easy.  The steps are listed below:





Browse the sessions you might be interested in on the  Course Offerings  page.



Click on the REGISTER link to be taken to the registration page.


Check the read-only calendar on the registration page for available days and times.  These will be designated as a block in two types:


  •  Live Online - meet online with the instructor from anywhere worldwide with an internet connection.

  •  In-Person   - meet in a physical location in the Nashville, TN area.  Sessions outside this area will be noted.


  • If both are listed for a given day, both types of sessions may be scheduled on that day.


  • Sessions already scheduled will also be viewable.  


  • On the calendar, you can click on the session title for more info. and click again to hide the info. 


Join a session already listed OR create your own. 


  • To create your own session, simply choose a day and time you'd like on any day that is open on the calendar.  Enter that day and time in the appropriate box on the registration form.  If it is not open, it will say CLOSED, UNAVAILABLE, OR FULL on the calendar.


  • For example, I could look up January 3rd on the calendar.  If it says Live Online or In-Person, I know it's open to sessions.  January 3rd is a Sunday, so it's CLOSED.  I check January 4th, which says Live Online or In-Person so I know it's open.  


  • I then just have to check to see if the time I'd like, say 10am, is open on the calendar.  If it is, I will register with that date and time in the appropriate boxes on the registration form and pay my tuition.


  • Once I have paid, that session will be placed on the calendar.


That's it!  If you have any questions, feel free to  EMAIL  or call 615.275.9266 and I'd be glad to help!