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Beginning DSLR LEVEL (All 3 sessions)

Beginning DSLR LEVEL (All 3 sessions)

BL DSLR goes from ground zero to understanding the basics of photography - ISO, Shutter, and Aperture, priority modes, focusing and drive systems, lens selection and control, compositional techniques and the art of photography - in three 2 hour sessions.  Plenty of image examples, hands-on shooting and instructor feedback is provided throughout. Tuition is discounted for all three sessions. 

Please enter the start time for each session. (B1, B2, B3).  Make sure those times aren't already filled on the calendar above.

WHERE:  Cool Springs area of Franklin unless otherwise noted.
AGE: 14-Adult, open to the general public
CLASS SIZE: 10 max
EQUIPMENT: DSLR camera, a full battery, empty memory card, pen/paper
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