Top 5 Traditions Behind June Weddings

Bridal Photo by Vince Wallace, Silver Hill Images

Hey Wedding Photographers!

Everyone knows that June is the most popular month of the year for weddings - especially photographers! But have you ever wondered exactly why? Now you'll never be stuck for small talk while you're waiting for the cake to be cut. Take a look at these top 5 traditions behind June weddings, and tell us what you think! Some of them may take you by surprise.

1) Ancient Mythology

You may also know that the month of June was named for the ancient Roman goddess, Juno. What was Juno believed to govern? You guessed it: among other things, Juno was hailed as the goddess of love and marriage.

2) Eager Celtic Youth

Another tradition behind June weddings comes to us from the Celtic calendar. May 1st, or Beltane, was the “Cross-Quarter Day” upon which couples would embark on a brief 3 month courtship, to be followed by a wedding on the next Cross-Quarter Day of August 1st. For many eager young Celts, even three months was too long! The pre-wedding courtship period was shortened to mid-June.

3) Harvest-Time Help

Practicality tended to trump romance in many early wedding planning decisions. A June wedding was assumed to lead to a summer pregnancy. That meant the newlywed bride, in her first trimester, would still be vigorous enough to help with peak crop harvesting season. In addition, following a spring delivery, she was expected to recover well enough to return to the fields the following summer.

4) The Annual Bath?

And speaking of traditions nobody misses… In the 1500s, bathing was not the everyday norm that it is today. The “Annual Bath” was an event generally observed once a year in the month of May. That’s why late May to early June was the most popular time for wedding celebrations for still-fresh-smelling lovers.

5) How Sweet it Is

You know those beautiful flowers in the bouquet carried by every bride? That’s another wedding mainstay that was more practical than romantic in origin. You see, bridal flowers were originally incorporated in bridal bouquets and decor for their sweet fragrance, in order to mask the scent of strong body odor. June just happened to be the month when these highly sought-after blooms were in greatest supply.

Memories That Last a Lifetime

While we do things a little differently today, we still love our June weddings. There’s nothing quite like making memories that last a lifetime beneath a balmy, late spring/early summer sun. Except, of course, capturing those breathtaking wedding images that perfectly preserve the beauty and emotion of that special day. At Silver Hill Photography Instruction, you can learn how to effectively create striking photos to memorialize all of your once-in-a-lifetime celebrations, like weddings.


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