Silver Hill Images is my commercial photography and photographic instruction.



You can find my non-instructional work at  This includes both my commercial and documetary galleries, and general photography blog.  For all instructional content, I hope you enjoy perusing this site!



After an elongated college career, I received my BA in art with an emphasis in photography from the University of North Texas College of Visual Arts and Design.


I began working full-time as a photographer in 2002 after stints as an arts teacher, choral director, writer and video producer.  I am indebted to the many photographers I have assisted in the past for the skills I now possess, especially David Schmidt.


I've had the privilege of shooting in a wide range of disciplines including concept, architectural, corporate PR and portraiture, musicians and artists, editorial, and weddings and family portraits. I have worked for such clients as Dreamworks Interactive and International Living Magazine. I've photographed CEO’s, presidents of universities, urban kids, suburban moms, and numerous other folks from various walks of life.  Check out these galleries HERE and HERE.


One of my bigger passions is photography as a vehicle of beauty and meaning - along those lines, I have a growing collection of fine art photography, and have been nationally recognized for some of that work.




I've traveled and lived across the globe, and have taught seminars, classes, and private sessions internationally. I have taught every age group from elementary to adult, from universities to inner city urban settings. I love exploring, learning new things, and passing my knowledge on to others!


My philosophy of instruction is simple.  Learning takes place best in an environment where you are able to get both theory and practice at the same time, taken in small, incremental steps with lots of patience and encouragement along the way.  This makes grasping concepts attainable and, dare we say, fun!  Every session comes with notes and images so as to keep what you've learned fresh in your mind even after you leave.


Part of internalizing something is practicing on a regular basis what you've learned so it doesn't slip away from you. But if it does, we also allow you to come back to the same session again at no cost to refresh your memory!  We call this BRUSH UPs.  As long as there is room in a session you're welcome back for FREE!  Retention is that important to us!


I'm excited to be a part of your continuing photographic story and thank you for the privilege!  I hope to see you very soon!


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The Backstory.

nashville photography classes, franklin photo instruction, brentwood photography classes, private photography instruction

HI!  I'm Vince Wallace.  I started Silver Hill Images in 2002 as a free-lance photography company.  Since 2010, we've also been offering private and group instruction to the general public.  Glad you are here!