Hear what others are saying!

"I thought the class was great!!  I learned a lot!"

-Leslie R.


"As a middle aged mom going into a class type setting, I was very nervous. However, Vince's teaching style was a friendly conversation...All my needs were addressed and explained in a simple manner that was very easily understood.  I will definitely be enrolling in future classes with Vince and encourage anyone interested in photography to enroll as well!"

-Alicia S.


"Exceeded my expectations - Vince has a knack for teaching others.  I enjoyed his concise explanations of complex concepts!"

-Ryan R.


"Thanks so much. I had a great time!"

-Danielle B.


"I would love to take more classes! Definitely exceeded my expectations! Vince is a great teacher able to teach many different types of camera users how to make the best uses of their cameras."

-Diana T.


"Vince is a very knowledgeable and personable instructor.  You can tell he has a true passion for photography and enjoys sharing his passion with others.  I work in law enforcement so I am no stranger to special lingo and acronyms. Most manuals and even most books use proper terminology but can fall short "dumbing it down" so beginners can understand. Vince did this very well while associating easy to understand definitions with correct terminology."

-Jim C.


"I was happy that I was actually able to use the manual setting, and really understand what the key settings meant, in the first class!  I thought we'd just be going over the stuff I had read in my manual, but I was pleasantly surprised that the intro class was so hands-on.  Vince explained the "camera speak" in plain English, so I think I might actually remember most of it!"

-Jennifer H.


"Vince knows his stuff and the class feeds off of his energy.  Great mix of cameras, skill sets and people.  Super use of time.  I will be back for more knowledge"

- Sharon B.


'The small class was perfect! Got a lot of information without getting overloaded. It was well worth the drive and I plan on coming back for the Beginning DSLR Photography class to learn even more. Thanks so much!"

-Stephanie S.


"I enjoyed seeing the examples tagged with explanation of how they were shot. It is one thing to explain to someone how to shoot a particular subject, but then to see the example and then the thought process behind it really allowed me to understand how to replicate the same idea."

-Cody B.


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